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Wicked Things Written on the Sky

It is widely believed by historians of philosophy that the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche ushered in the 20th Century with his infamous phrase, “God is dead…” [1] Nietzsche himself died in 1900.  Obviously atheism didn’t begin in the 19th Century with Nietzsche. His thought was the culmination of a long line of thinkers which reached back into the 16th and 17th Centuries [2]. The European Enlightenment (as it was called) promised grand and wonderful things when human reason finally divorced itself from the shackles of faith [3]. Using the newly found tools of the “scientific method,” (via FrancisBacon & Benedict Spinoza); a humanistic morality which was becoming increasingly devoid of God (via Nietzsche); as well as the burgeoning industrial revolution with its new technologies, the 20th Century was set take mankind to new heights never before dreamt of – a utopia of sorts.  Some who were wise, however, could see that “wicked things were written on the sky” [4]. The next cent…

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